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For Accountants, Business Owners 
and Entrepreneurs

​Save Tax and Protect your assets

​​​​My Tax Saving Guide is for Entrepreneurs, Business owners, Accountants,
IFA’s, Solicitors and High Net Worth Individuals


The most up to date Tax Planning Guides and Solutions that comply with how Parliament intended to take advantage of the Tax saving strategies.

Furthermore, it’s accepted by HMRC that taxpayers who reduce their taxes using these strategies will not to be subject to any Government  anti-avoidance legislation.

"I signed up to My Tax Saving Guide after I had read one of their IHT guides. It was a practical guide and helped me to understand what I could assist my clients with. I would recommend this website to anyone!"

James Green
Senior Partner, Coventry

How we can help you save tax today?

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Our Highly Recommended


Business Owners

Renumeration Foundation

  • ​Reduce Corporation Tax
  • ​Fully HMRC Compliant
  • ​Extract Profits from your Business with no Income Tax

Property Owners

Property foundation

  • ​Mitigate CGT on Disposal
  • ​Offset all Interest against Rental Income
  • ​Protects the Assets from Creditors
  • ​Protects Properties against IHT

Estate Planning

Vanguard asset protection trust

  • ​Mitigation of IHT from Day 1
  • ​Protect your Estate from Long Term Care Fees
  • ​Protection against future Divorce Settlements

Here are some of our publications that you might find interesting....  

Up to 85% Discount for members!

The Small Business Tax Planning Handbook

The complete “Must Have” Handbook for any Business Owner. Full of useful hints, tips and planning opportunities to help you and your business save tax along with the all-important tax consequences that your accountant doesn’t necessarily know!

Members Special Discount Offer!!! Buy NOW for £38.50
(usually £49.99)

The Estate Planning Handbook

Commonly known as the 'nasty tax' and many think it so unfair. This book looks at some of the legal ways that you can reduce your inheritance tax liability. We can offer you a number of options and opportunities, from simply giving away assets to setting up a trust, or emigrating from the UK entirely.

Members Special Discount Offer!!! Buy NOW for £38.50
(usually £49.99)

The Complete Guide to Dividends Tax Planning

Looking at the new tax regime to identify key tax planning opportunities to reduce the tax rate on dividends through trusts, EIS relief and investment companies.

Members Special Discount Offer!!! Buy NOW for £38.50
(usually £49.99)

The Ultimate Landlord Tax Planning Guide

As a Buy to Let (BTL) Landlord, there are many taxes to consider on their property holdings, mainly income tax, capital gains tax, inheritance tax and Stamp duty land tax. This book is a must have for BTL landlords who want to reduce the amount of taxes they have to pay.

Members Special Discount Offer!!! Buy NOW for £38.50
(usually £49.99)

Property CompaniesTax Planning Guide

Discover the number of tax advantages when you own investment properties via a company, and understand the changes that will affect both property investors and company owners, giving you the opportunity to assess the impact on the decision to use a Company in the UK to hold investment property.

Members Special Discount Offer!!! Buy NOW for £38.50
(usually £49.99)

Stamp Duty 3% Surcharge Guide

Higher SDLT rates now apply to purchases of additional residences. this guides looks at the current state of play and the key tax planning opportunities available.

Members Special Discount Offer!!! Buy NOW for £38.50
(usually £49.99)

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