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This arrangement allows a Landlord who owns buy to let properties in their personal names to immediately reduce their Gain for Capital Gains Tax (“CGT”) on disposal and allow them to offset interest directly against income avoiding the new legislation

Key Features

  • You can offset interest directly against income avoiding the new legislation
  • No Stamp Duty Land Tax (SDLT) on the transfer into the special purpose vehicle;
  • Mitigates Gain for Capital Gains Tax (“CGT”)
  • Protection against Inheritance (“IHT”) saving 40%
  • HMRC Approved

Key Benefits

  • Immediate Tax savings;
  • Can extract rental income with no to little income Tax;
  • Protection against potential creditors;
  • Planning can be done without Lender approval;

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I do this planning if I have mortgages on my buy to lets

The sort answer is yes. You don’t need to notify your lender as we will move the beneficial interest and not the title


What if I own the properties in joint names.

That’s not a problem you can do the planning in joint names but you would both have to agree to proceed.


Are there any risks

This planning has been legislated by parliament so you are legally entitled to take advances of this these attractive reliefs


This sounds too good to be true… Which means it is

Small land lords often think this way as their advisers don’t have the in house expertise so often are not make aware of the latest tax planning available. Just look at Wimpey, McDonalds and Starbucks…. This is what they do….


Is this legal

Everything we do is 100% legal and allowed by law


Can I off set my mortgage interest against my rental income

the Goverment wants to tax landlords on their turnover rather than profit, meaning that tax will be payable on non existent income. This planning reverses that.


Can my accountant or IFA do this planning.

Only if they are a member of PracticePro network. This planning is only available to members of the Practice pro accountant, IFA and solicitors network

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