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Inheritance Tax Savings Guide

Despite inheritance tax being deemed as the most unfair of taxes, with careful planning it can be totally eradicated.  Whether your estate is large or small, estate planning is essential for everyone.  Be clear about what you want your estate planning to achieve and who you want it to benefit.  Remember that all estate planning is different as no families are the same. Check out the best way to minimise your inheritance tax bill (IHT) today.  Book a consultation with us and as well as showing you how you are able to reduce your inheritance tax we’ll explain the rules surrounding estate planning and how to manage IHT tax bills.

What you are going to get?

You will have access to every tax saving strategy and solution which you are able to implement yourself, all available at your fingertips - these could save you £1,000’s per hour and are written by top tax professionals.  Learn the extraction strategies that both the top companies and the rich and famous are using (which your accountant probably doesn’t even know about yet!!). By using our step by step plans you can minimise if not eradicate your IHT completely.  Our articles also include how Capital Gains tax can be avoided and Corporation Tax reduced.   

My Tax Saving Guide was designed for business owners and individuals who want to reduce their tax as well as Accountants, IFA’s and Solicitors who want to help their clients to reduce their tax.  We believe that everyone should have access to the most up to date Tax Planning Guides and Solutions that comply with how Parliament intended, to take advantage of the Tax saving strategies.  With our step by step planning and easy to understand guides minimising your IHT tax liability will be simple and easy.

All our articles can be found below and each cover different areas of inheritance tax planning that you need to know about…

Estate Planning

Don't let the Tax Man hold onto your Estate, find out how you can protect your estate and leave it to your loved ones!

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The ultimate guide to your estate planning needs and reducing IHT
Understand estate planning and what your needs and objectives are. Remember, no estate planning is the same because all estates[...]
Reduce inheritance tax with charity donations
 Reduce Inheritance Tax with Charity Donations, the example below illustrates planning that has not included a charitable legacy.You weren’t married[...]
Using a Trust with your Life Insurance helps you to reduce your Inheritance Tax
Reduce your inheritance tax with a trust using your life insurance.  Cash will be paid directly to your beneficiaries, enabling[...]
Treaty Protection – The UK Inheritance Tax System for Non Doms
UK Inheritance Tax system for Non Doms has treaty protection. Treaties with India, Pakistan, France and Italy are considered the[...]
Inheritance Tax on joint bank accounts – does it apply?
It is not uncommon for joint bank accounts to be set up just for convenience when an elderly person is struggling to manage their affairs. In these circumstances, the money will be treated and taxed as if belonging to the person who paid the money in.
Tax on Inheritance – Understanding what dying Intestate means and the importance of writing a Will to help you to minimise your Inheritance tax
Having a conversation about protection and putting plans in trust will also make it easier for you to talk about wills.
Inheritance Tax Changes In 2017 – UK
The current rules are that each person has an individual Inheritance Tax threshold of £325,000. If you are married or in a civil partnership, your allowances are added together, meaning you have an overall threshold of £650,000. 
Inheritance Tax Gifts and what you can give to your family
At the same time house prices have leaped making tens of thousands more people liable for the dreaded 40 per cent tax.
Inheritance Tax – Taxes for Expats and the consequences of non domiciled spouses
And it offers exemption from tax for income from foreign investments for people who are resident but not domiciled in the United Kingdom.
Inheritance Tax – Deed of Variation Inheritance Tax
Before 1 August 2002 it was necessary to make an election to the Capital Taxes office or local inspector of taxes within six months after execution of the instrument in order.
Inheritance Tax On Trusts
Many high net worth individuals find the concept of handing over control of substantial wealth to a professional trustee, who then becomes the legal owner of that wealth, frightening, even though the trustee is not the beneficial owner of the assets.