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​Tax Planning Guide to De-Enveloping

This tax book is essential reading for:

  • ​What is de-enveloping and the benefits and tax advantages
  • ​The Tax risks of de-enveloping
  • ​How to de-envelope
  • ​Tax planning after de-enveloping
  • ​When to de-envelope
  • ​And more


​Over the years, company ownership of UK residential property was preferred by foreign property investors. Recent changes however, have changed this. This guide will help you to understand the tax planning for anyone that is interested in "De-enveloping" a UK residential property from a company.

"I signed up to My Tax Saving Guide after I had read one of their IHT guides. It was a practical guide and helped me to understand what I could assist my clients with. I would recommend this website to anyone!"

James Green
Senior Partner, Coventry

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